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Our Mission

Be Your Craft provides a safe place to empower, develop and align talent of all ages with  skills in performance, the business of acting and their surrounding world. Talent consulting with a touch of friendship, we are here to support and protect your career while providing you with the skills to stand out in an industry where talent must meet determination in order for you to succeed.

At the age of nine, our president & founder Natalia Elizabeth had her first experience running into a “scam agency”. Her mother almost spent thousands of dollars for an “agent” to “sign” her.  From that moment on, Natalia made a promise to learn all angles of the industry in order to warn others. Natalia kept her promise by working for agents, casting directors and large studios such as ABC Television Group. Be Your Craft is a community of industry professionals sharing information to help performers find work with confidence. BYC is here for you: providing workshops, classes, one on one coaching, career consultations and more! This is your place to vent, grow and create.

Join the BYC movement : The Actor’s Craft Space 🙂


What our clients say

Community of Crafters

A selective group of crafters in an encouraging environment filled with working artists, new artists, young artists and more!

Craft Space

No judgement zone, our classes provide a safe place for you to stretch and challenge your skills. Our audition taping rooms provide a stress-free zone for you to focus on booking and having fun!

Creative Accountability

BYC offers career direction. Consider us Personal Trainers for your craft. Talent consulting, marketing, branding and the no excuse zone are essentials seeds for growth.

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Take Charge of your Craft with BYC


Agent & Manager Signings

BYC is building connections and helping talent find meaningful representation


Auditions & Callbacks

We’ve Created a Hurricane of Opportunities for our Crafters



Crafters are earning SAG Eligibility-Performing on stage and filming on major networks

BYC offers a Safe and Intimate Environment for Creative Accountability In the Business of Entertainment.

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