BYC’s  Freedom Crafter Tribe

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Want to know the second you can join our Freedom Crafter Tribe?

Have you been standing “on the edge”  of launching your ideas  or “about to unlock the door” to transform your passion or side projects into a sustainable business for far too long?

We’ve been there. But we finally jumped.  Yup, we took the leap and plunged into our freedom head first. Along the way we learned an Important Lesson. Want to know what it was?

Your Path to Freedom is waiting for you to catch up. The door has already been built. You Just have to Jump in the driver’s seat of your life car & drive. Welcome Home!

You may be feeling like

I don’t know how to turn my passions into a profitable business. There’s too many options & I have too many ideas.

Will anyone book me?  Will I land representation for my Career/brand? Will anyone buy my product or service? I’m not an “expert” or an “influencer”.

I can’t afford to quit my job OR I’d like to keep my job and start a side business but I don’t know if I have the time or money to start. 

I tried launching my business/brand but I’m running in circles of “being busy” & not producing results or having trouble scaling to the next level.

How will I find customers/opportunities? I have no email list or Social Media Followers & I don’t have much support from family/friends

I’m not tech savvy or not sure how to create an email list, website, logo, sales page . ALSO…Social Media SOS! I’m creating content but not getting engagement.

I’m Confused on Business Banking, cash flow & registration.

I want to have control over my schedule & location independence to work on the go.

You. Desire. FREEDOM

FREEDOM: (noun) the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.

A Peek Inside our Freedom Crafter Tribe


You are amazing! BUT your gifts and ideas will die with you if you do not take back your key, unlock your freedom and build your dreams, on your terms with your unique voice


Tanya Pollard

The BYC team guided me into exactly what I needed to do, this is so amazing because it got rid of the uncertainty and the hours and hours of research. They helped me launch my business successfully in 2 months and I was able to start making consistent profit. I already have customers waiting for my new products and soon I’ll be expanding. Be Your Craft took my years of planning and turned it into real action.”

– E-commerce Entrepreneur

Chris Scott

“How can I account for all that Natalia does without writing an encyclopedia?  It’s funny how an unstoppable force of nature like her is also a selfless and empathetic being.  She believed in me wholeheartedly since we first met, and it was a contagious feeling. She helped me secure my first talent agent, provided advice and coaching at crucial times, and opened up countless entrepreneurial opportunities for which I’m eternally grateful. BE YOUR CRAFT IS THE PLACE TO BE!

– Creative Entrepreneur


JOIN The Freedom Crafter Tribe and we will show you how to bridge the gap between your passions and profit by launching your freedom businesses, brands or careers. Together we will create a step by step path filled with resources on building a sustainable & customized systems to develop the career, life and business you desire. BYC’S Promise to You: From idea to launch we will stand by your side, acknowledge your struggles, affirm your current strategies, provide new perspectives, connect you with a tribe of high achievers and empower you to breakthrough your cycle of doubts and transform them into your path of freedom. 


BYC offers a 12 month LIVE coaching program + LIFE-TIME access to our virtual Freedom Business Bootcamp Series + our Unstoppable & Highly motivating Tribe + our virtual Craft  Stage. All created to promote and elevate your passions and ideas to the next level. Cultivate your message, develop your talents, value & offer, practice your purposeful marketing  pitch and Launch your Freedom-Business/Brand. We will meet you where you are and guide you every step of the way.


Receive LIFE-TIME access to our Freedom Business Bootcamp and apply our FREEDOM-Business BLUEPRINT and step-by-step video lessons, tutorials and guides. You’ll also learn my PIP-C Method to get you launched & profiting in 90 days.


Use our virtual craft stage to elevate your craft and rehearse your pitch, performance and talent while owning your “Bank of Authority ” to  position yourself as an expert (even if you don’t feel “expert enough”).


Natalia Elizabeth

CEO | Business Mentor & Career Coach | PhD Student | Veteran | Actress

As a successful freedom crafter she transformed her cubicle into a financial independence-plotting workstation where she created a customized and sustainable side business while working a 9-5 . Now she spends her days on a full time basis empowering other dreamers to convert their passions into an impactful, purposeful and profitable freedom path.

While in the military, Natalia fell off of a 35 foot tower and it forever changed her perception on life of seeking permission to walk in her truth. After a long recovery and acceptance of permanent injuries she made a decision to remove her greatest obstacles of fear and excuses and replaced them with truth and love. Natalia packed her bags with a new mindset, filed for divorce of her old lifestyle and started her path.

Since then just a few years later, Natalia obtained two master’s degrees, the first in Organizational Leadership and the second in Communication Arts and recently became a PhD student in Expressive Arts Therapy.  Natalia has developed, discovered and produced talent and creative content for major productions and fortune 500 companies.

As an award-winning creator and entrepreneur she has guided over 100 crafters (clients) in a myriad of industries to not only provide tremendous value in their work but to transform their passions into a deposit at the bank by optimizing their strengths and resources to create their own customized and sustainable systems.

Natalia saw a need to push beyond cultural boundaries and redefine society’s view of waiting to retire to experience freedom. Now her sole purpose is to wake up all creatives, entrepreneurs , dreamers, Junior CeO’s (youth) to create develop and become their ultimate self. There is enough room for all of us under the sun and it’s YOUR TIME TO GLOW! #hakunamata

If you are ready to unlock your freedom and launch your freedom business, brand or career in the next 90 days…