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“You hold the key & we built the Door!”

Ready to turn your Side-Passions into your Freedom-Business?

Our Create Develop Become Goal CAR has transformed hundreds of ideas into profitable businesses. We built the door so you don’t have to worry about the “how” just bring your ideas, turn the key & unlock your Freedom-Launch!

Working with Natalia has been an absolute dream! Not only is she talented beyond words, but she can identify a person’s best traits instantly to help guide them to the best of their abilities. She’s kind, understanding, and brilliant. Natalia is also incredibly honest, and she will provide you with constructive and productive feedback to help you reach your goals. She can also smell fear from a mile away, so be ready to talk about it, work it out, and let it go. Everyone that’s worked with Natalia will probably tell you the same thing; she’s got a radiating personality and wants everyone around her to succeed. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Natalia for almost 2 years now, and I can truly say that I’m closer to the best version of myself than I’ve ever been before. Thank you for all that you do, and I look forward to continuing with you on this amazing journey!”

Yasmine Mohommad

Create Your Path to Freedom   Develop Your Tribe  Become Your Ultimate Self

Transforming Side-Passions into Freedom- Businesses

In our FREE Master Mentor Episode you will…


Create Your Path

Use the C.D.B 2 Goal CAR to articulate your passions  & hone your ideas into a bold & promising statement


Craft your Mental Playground

You will use our guide to leverage your current circumstances and make them an asset to your freedom business


Define Your Goals

Unfold your unique story! Define your ideas & package your value into a confident & unique business model


Develop your Freedom-Business

Put it all together & what do we get? Combine your values, skills & mental playground into your first launch Idea

WHO AM I? Hey Freedom Crafters! I’m Natalia Elizabeth

Life & Business Coach | PhD Student in Expressive Arts Therapy | Army Veteran | Actress | 

You do not need to have a degree in business or be an expert in your field to make your passion your paycheck.

The decision to start is your first obstacle and it’s the most important decision when it comes to taking back your time and becoming the CEO of Your Life. I didn’t immediately quit my job I actually stayed for another year but in that year I had a clear purpose and turned my dream into a goal action packed plan.

YOU CAN DO THIS. My first Job was a cashier, then a clown, a  street actor, television producer, performer, sales telemarketer, executive producer, medical coder, web coder sales manager..i’ve done A LOT!

When it was time to launch BYC,  I knew the next step would be to give it my all..so I DID!

I said goodbye to the awkward office birthday parties  & hello to Freedom!

You deserve Freedom so bet on yourself this time. Trust Your gifts and use them to give your dreams purpose.

Transform your Passions into Profit


Stop Running in Circles of “being busy”

Stop listening to the naysayers

Stop building someone else’s dream

& Start Believing in Yourself!

Craft your Freedom Path

To be honest, I was so lucky to fall into BYC. I was lost, scared, all over the place and in much need of a mentor and coach that could help me regain my strength and hone in my passions. I love that BYC is first and foremost a community filled with supportive, kind, loving, and passionate individuals. BYC truly encapsulates everything a company should encompass when shaping and helping creative entrepreneurs. I love knowing that I am never alone and that if I ever need help, BYC never fails to be there. BYC is truly such a blessing in my life and I couldn’t be more grateful for a company that strives to help, support and encourage creators and pushes them to be the best they can absolutely be. I will forever be grateful for that website I found Natalia on because little did I know it would bring the perfect person into my life. She is patient, encouraging, passionate, and overall just an amazing person inside and out. I cannot say enough about BYC other than please give it a shot, you won’t regret working with these amazing individuals.

Samantha Ahn

Meet the Tribe! What our FREEDOM CRAFTERS have to say

Maysa Washington

“Never has anyone before you, ensured that I was aware of and educated me about the business  before just sending me out into this dog eat dog world to be chewed up and spit out. Although we do pay for services, not one other “coach” that I’ve been in front of has offered so much of their free time assistance like you! I don’t feel like just another payment. You really care and that’s rare. Some of my other coaches have favorited other students because that student “climbs up their butt” and treats them like they’re god sent! When at the end of the day, we are how the coaches stay employed and get paid, so I think the adoration should go the other way and you have done that. You really make us know that you believe in us and WANT us to be as successful as we have dreamed.”

– Police Officer & Creative Entrepreneur

Wayne Harris

“I started my small business about 3 years ago and made nothing and had 0 customers. I was paying a ton of money for coaches and was struggling to get a solid plan and was pretty close to give up. I met Natalia at Staple sand we randomly started having a conversation. Long story short in the 10 minutes of chatting with her she gave me more actionable steps than any other coach I had. Natalia and the team work with everyone in the tribe as if our dreams are theres. I’ve since launched, profiting and working on my next launch to reach my 6 figure goals. BYC is going to change lives so don’t overthink it. This is where you need to be. They have everything laid out and have helped me with marketing, branding and finding clients. I now know how to create products that match my brand instead of just hopping on the “next best trend”.

-Small Business Owner & Emerging Entrepreneur  

You hold the key & we built the Door! UNLOCK your FREEDOM

In our Freedom Crafter Tribe we will show you how to bridge the gap between your passions and profit by launching your freedom businesses, brands or careers. Together we will create a step by step path filled with resources on building a sustainable & customized systems to develop the career, life and business you desire. 

BYC’S Promise to You: From idea to launch we will stand by your side, acknowledge your struggles, affirm your current strategies, provide new perspectives, connect you with a tribe of high achievers and empower you to breakthrough your cycle of doubts and transform them into your path of freedom.