As Freedom Empowerment Practitioners we specialize in empowering aspiring and emerging entrepreneurs like yourself to turn your passions, natural gifts and life experiences into a business. Together we will evaluate your ideas or current business model and help you launch or re-brand to create impact and attract the right customers who match your brand. Be Your Craft provides an empowering space to Create, Develop and Become your ultimate self through Creative Entrepreneurship, Community and Mentorship. Get ready to bridge the gap between your ideas and profit by launching your Freedom-Businesses.

 As a collective, the BYC team has worked with creative entrepreneurs and major corporations including Disney, Netflix, HBO, small businesses and multi-passionate leaders around the globe. Join our Tribe and take the first step to building your dreams on your terms.

Create Your Path to Freedom Develop Your Tribe Become Your Ultimate Self

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Freedom Stories


Helping aspiring and emerging entrepreneurs transform their passions, natural gifts, and life experiences into profitable and sustainable freedom-businesses 


  • Aspiring & Emerging Entrepreneurs 
  • 9-5ers
  • Artists
  • Stay-At-Home Parents
  • Military Members/Spouses
  • Freedom Dreamers
  • Creatives/Creators 
  • Students

Service Business Ideas

  • Coaching
  • Consultant
  • Educational
  • Stylist
  • Therapist
  • Practitioner
  • Agent/Manager
  • Health/Wellness/Fitness
  • Digital Marketing

Product Business Ideas

  • E-Commerce
  • Advertising 
  • Books 
  • Fashion
  • Trending
  • Nature/Wellness
  • Hair/Appearance

Talent Brand ideas

  • Performer
  • Podcaster
  • Speaker
  • Author/Writer
  • Agent/Manager
  • VFX Artist/Editor
  • Thought Leader
  • Productions


Whether you are brand new to business or established and looking to re-brand we are here to guide you every step of the way to create waves of impact and purposeful profit 


Have you been standing “on the edge” of launching your business or “about to unlock the door” to transform your passion and experiences into a sustainable business for far too long? Or wating for the “right” time to re-brand and expand your business?

We’ve been there. But we finally jumped.  Yup, we took the leap and plunged into our freedom head first. Along the way, we learned an important lesson. Want to know what it was?

Everything you need to launch your freedom-business is already with in you. We built the door, you hold the key. It’s time to apply and unlock your freedom with us.

You may be feeling like

I want to turn my passions, ideas and experiences into a profitable business or multiple lanes of income. There are too many options and I have too many ideas and not sure how to start.

Will anyone book me? Will I land representation for my career/brand? Will anyone buy my product or service? I’m not an “expert” or an “influencer”.

I can’t afford to quit my job OR I’d like to keep my job and start a side business but I don’t know if I have the time or money to start. 

I tried launching my business but I’m running in circles of “being busy” and not producing results or having trouble growing to the next level and re-branding.

How will I find customers or opportunities? I have no email list or social media followers & I don’t have much support from family or friends.

I’m not tech savvy or not sure how to create an email list, website, logo, sales page. Also…social media SOS! I’m creating content but not getting engagement.

I’m Confused about business banking, cash flow, credit, trademarks etc. I want to have control over my schedule and location independence to work on the go with all the legal stuff out the way.

You. Desire. FREEDOM.

FREEDOM: (noun) the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.

Guess what? I was feeling ALL of those things above (and then some) when we started. Having ideas is the easy part but transforming them into a business that creates impact AND profit can get complicated without having a solid foundation and launch method.

Two years ago I was sitting in a stuffy high rise corporate office in NYC and living the “American Dream”…or so I thought.

Two years before that I was in the military and fell off a thirty-five foot tower.

I came out into the civilian world looking for a fresh start and found myself building someone else’s dream. I was lost and broken (or so I thought). The only time we had human interaction in our office was on birthdays…and we know how awkward those can be.

So there I was working at ABC Studios, completing my second master’s from 6-10 pm with auditions in between. I was working hard but was not being productive. Why? I had no real plan of growth or purpose, I was just “staying busy”.

I remember the day I decided to go full speed and take the first step. I was exhausted from trying to balance auditions with work and school but I stayed up one night, in tears, and started creating my path to freedom. I was brutally honest with myself and realized that the only thing in my way was my own fears, doubts and mental stories of being told no.

BUT I didn’t immediately quit my job. I actually stayed for another year, and in that year I created a clear purpose and turned my dream into a goal and action packed plan.

Once I finally left my job I thought THIS IS IT! WRONG! I got scared and ran back to find a job a couple months later.

#Noshameinmygame This time it was with a non-profit organization on Wall Street in NYC advocating for S.T.E.M. youth education. I slowly started back working on my dream and finally decided a few months later I was mentally ready for the shift. I vowed to stay committed to crafting my freedom path no matter what. Turns out I was not broken at all, just bruised with a whole lot of value stirring inside. 🙂

I took that freedom step (for a second time) and chose to look forward instead of back everyday.

I started empowering and developing professionals and artists while creating tremendous impact. Those artists went on to create a multitude of success working on shows for NBC, BET, CBS, national commercials and then some! I traveled the world screening a multi-award winning T.V. Pilot that I produced with the story airing nationally on Spectrum Networks.

I was invited and paid to speak with college students, professionals, creative entrepreneurs and leaders all around the globe to get to the next step in their lives, careers and businesses. So now what? NOW YOU!


My first job was a cashier, then a clown, a street actor, television producer, performer, sales telemarketer, soldier, producer, developmental manager, sales coder…I’ve done A LOT…multi-passionate to the bone!

When it was time to launch BYC, I knew the next step would be to take back the keys to my life’s car and stop letting other people (boss, job, family, friends) sit in the driver’s seat…and so I DID!

I said goodbye to the stale office birthday cakes and hello to Freedom! Now I am in control and no longer just building a business. I am formulating a plan for generational wealth. How’s life since I took back my key and became the CEO of my life and career? I lost over 50 pounds and my income has tripled since the old fancy high-rise 9-5. Now I get paid to travel…and see as many sunsets as I can…YES!

Natalia (CEO)

Joel (SVP of Marketing)

Oh and I found love again…we’ve been traveling the world together…because amazing things happen when you take back your keys and unlock your happiness. I can’t believe all of this stemmed from one business and one decision to bet on myself, walk in faith with God and START!

You deserve Freedom! Why not take back your key and bet on yourself this time. It’s okay if you tried and “failed” all you have to do is get back up.

Stop running in circles of “being busy”

Stop listening to the naysayers

Stop building someone else’s dream

Stop letting others drive your life car

and START Creating Your Path to Freedom by launching your Business

Samantha Ahn

To be honest, I was so lucky to fall into BYC. I was lost, scared, all over the place and in much need of a mentor and coach that could help me regain my strength and hone in my passions. I love that BYC is first and foremost a community filled with supportive, kind, loving, and passionate individuals. BYC truly encapsulates everything a company should encompass when shaping and helping creative entrepreneurs. I love knowing that I am never alone and that if I ever need help, BYC never fails to be there. BYC is truly such a blessing in my life and I couldn’t be more grateful for a company that strives to help, support and encourage creators and pushes them to be the best they can absolutely be. I will forever be grateful for that website I found Natalia on because little did I know it would bring the perfect person into my life. She is patient, encouraging, passionate, and overall just an amazing person inside and out. I cannot say enough about BYC other than please give it a shot, you won’t regret working with these amazing individuals.

– Creative Entrepreneur 

Yasmine Mohommad

Working with Natalia has been an absolute dream! Not only is she talented beyond words, but she can identify a person’s best traits instantly to help guide them to the best of their abilities. She’s kind, understanding, and brilliant. Natalia is also incredibly honest, and she will provide you with constructive and productive feedback to help you reach your goals. She can also smell fear from a mile away, so be ready to talk about it, work it out, and let it go. Everyone that’s worked with Natalia will probably tell you the same thing; she’s got a radiating personality and wants everyone around her to succeed. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Natalia for almost 2 years now, and I can truly say that I’m closer to the best version of myself than I’ve ever been before. Thank you for all that you do, and I look forward to continuing with you on this amazing journey!

-Creative Entrepreneur, Speaker & Implementation Strategist


This is not just another course, workshop, membership or boring training that you’ll want to quit before you even start.

Yes, there’s a chance you may not be selected to join our tribe. It’s not because we’re mean, it’s because we are incredibly protective of our crafters and the experience we have inside our coaching program.

There are a lot of programs out there that will take your money, make you “feel” good and fail to produce results. This is not that.

We carefully select each applicant to make sure your goals match our tribe because we won’t let you fall under the radar.

We check in with you weekly and hold you accountable to produce massive results and gain more freedom, time and money in your life and business.


Freedom Crafter Tribe is a 12-month life and business coaching program with an exclusive interactive video-based Bootcamp that teaches easy to follow action steps, effective marketing without breaking the bank, financial wellness and impactful strategies to elevate your passions into profitable purpose by launching your freedom businesses in 90 days. What happens after 90 days? We’re with you all year long providing weekly support to take your launch even higher. 

The entire BYC Team is here for you and ready to help you unlock your freedom business. With our team of coaches, we will breakdown how to market without breaking the bank, master business banking, registration, taxes, trademarks and create branding that matches your truth with a custom profit plan to generate consistent sales. Whether you are brand new or looking to re-brand we are here to guide and teach you to become a purposeful business owner with multiple lanes of income. We will meet you where you are and guide you every step of the way.


  • Natalia your Life & Business Coach
  • Joel D. your Marketing & Sales Mentor
  • Deval M. your Branding & Content Coach
  • Jasmin P. your Life and Banking Coach. 

A Peek Inside Our Freedom Crafter Tribe


You are amazing! BUT your gifts and ideas will die with you if you do not take back your key, unlock your freedom and build your dreams, on your terms with your unique voice.

Passion Bridge the Gap between Ideas and Profit


Create your “why”, rediscover and organize your passions & ideas


 Impact  Freedom Business Bootcamp 

Package your passions, natural gifts and life experiences to define your messaging, attract the RIGHT audience and claim your market


Profit  Live Virtual Craft Stage

Convert your work and story into your worth. Use our virtual stage to work on your craft. Discover your brand and create your marketing & sizzling sales pitch. Market from your heart and receive LIVE feedback from the BYC Team & Tribe


Community LIVE  Weekly Coaching with the BYC TEAM

Chat with us weekly on our LIVE calls to ask questions, connect with tribers and gain solutions for building your own profitable community

Walk Your Path to Freedom



It’s not impossible. You just need to choose…you. You are not too old or too young and it’s not too hard. You are GOOD ENOUGH (probably overqualified) but let’s remain humble.

Maysa Washington

“Never has anyone before you, ensured that I was aware of and educated me about the business before just sending me out into this dog-eat-dog world to be chewed up and spit out. Although we do pay for services, not one other “coach” that I’ve been in front of has offered so much of their free time assistance like you! I don’t feel like just another payment. You really care and that’s rare. Some of my other coaches have favorited other students because that student “climbs up their butt” and treats them like they’re god sent! When at the end of the day, we are how the coaches stay employed and get paid, so I think the adoration should go the other way and you have done that. You really make us know that you believe in us and WANT us to be as successful as we have dreamed.”

– Police Officer & Creative Entrepreneur

Wayne Harris

I started my small business about 3 years ago and made nothing and had zero customers. I was paying a ton of money for coaches and was struggling to get a solid plan and was pretty close to giving up as I was drowning in debt. I met Natalia at Staples and we randomly started having a conversation. Long story short in the 10 minutes of chatting with her she gave me more actionable steps than any other coach I had. Natalia and the team work with everyone in the tribe as if our dreams are theirs. I’ve since launched, profiting and working on my next launch to reach my 6 figure goals. BYC is going to change lives so don’t overthink it. This is where you need to be. They have everything laid out and have helped me with marketing, my credit, using “opm” (best part), branding and finding clients. I now know how to create products that match my brand instead of just hopping on the “next best trend”.

-Small Business Owner & Emerging Entrepreneur  

Your Dreams Your Terms Your Voice

In our Freedom Tribe & Freedom-Business Bootcamp Series you will

Receive my FREEDOM-Business BLUEPRINT and step-by-step video lessons, tutorials, and guides

You’ll also learn my PIP-C Method to get you organized,  launched and profiting in 90 days.

Use our virtual Craft Stage to practice your pitch and create your “Bank of Authority ” to position yourself as an expert

Even if you don’t feel “expert” enough.

Receive the Freedom Pro Calendar

Our crafters (clients) went from working 40-60 hours a week to 20-35 with an increase in impact and profit with less stress.

Block out all the noise and surrender to the process

We are with you every step of the way. You do the work and you will create results

Receive Live 24/7 Support from creatives and entrepreneurs all around the globe
Connect with tribers in a myriad of industries and at different stages in their launch.
Use the C.D.B.2 Goal CAR and video series to monetize your ideas

We will transform your multi-passions into a confident and unique model aligned with your values.

Craft your Mental Playground

You will use our lessons and worksheets to leverage your current circumstances and make them an asset to your freedom business.

Unlock the doors to Freedom that we have built for you

We build the door. You hold the keys. Take back your keys to happiness and come on in.

Build your freedom business on your terms

Many of our crafters in the Tribe have a full-time job. We will meet you where you are and take you higher. Our PIP-C method gives you the freedom to build your freedom business while working full-time. You can transition into a full-time business as quickly or slowly as you desire.

Marketing from the heart

Our crafters focus on creating organic growth an purposeful connections. We will show you an organic method to grow your social media following daily and add over 200+ email subscribes without a website, sales page or any of the “fancy guru” fluff. #marketingfromtheheart 

Use our F.E.A.R.L.E.S.S Content Framework

To increase engagement without having a large following or email list.

Learn the Deep Breaths Less Stress Method

To create multiple lanes of income using your passions, experiences and ideas into a customized model without being tech savvy.

Learn the Creative Banking & Business Registration resources

Our clients use to take care of their trademark, cash flow and get all the legal stuff out the way. Learn to create steady means of cash flow while having a financial foundation with our SMART banking method.

Learn to Automate, Delegate or Eliminate

Your work so that you can have the freedom to work on the go. We will show you exactly what you need to create a location independent lifestyle while building your business.

Using the PIP-C methodology you will

Provide massive impact while building a profitable model.

You.Desire. FREEDOM. We Built the Door. Just Bring Your Key


Julia Parker Rose

“Natalia is the mentor that every creative hopes for. She always goes above and beyond and is an incredible source of support and is truly an entrepreneur’s advocate. She has secured me a great deal of opportunities and when I BOOKED by her referral, she was there for me every step of the way; we were a team. Natalia has helped me with my career goals, opportunities, industry questions, referrals and above all we have developed a wonderful friendship. She has impeccable instincts, character, and talent. Natalia is a creatives dream, and I feel so beyond blessed to have her guidance and support in my journey. “

– Creative Entrepreneur

Chris Scott

“How can I account for all that Natalia does without writing an encyclopedia?  It’s funny how an unstoppable force of nature like her is also a selfless and empathetic being.  She believed in me wholeheartedly since we first met, and it was a contagious feeling. She helped me secure my first rep, provided advice and coaching at crucial times, and opened up countless entrepreneurial opportunities for which I’m eternally grateful. BE YOUR CRAFT IS THE PLACE TO BE!

– Creative Entrepreneur 


JOIN The Freedom Crafter Tribe & RECEIVE FULL ACCESS to our high-achieving vibrant community AND EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to our Freedom Business Bootcamp an on-demand video series created to help you turn your passions into a profitable freedom business,  WITHOUT the “guru marketing jargon”, large investments or any of the other “social trends” that will distract or overwhelm you from creating your path to freedom.

  • Full Year Access to our 24/7 LIVE online community
  • Exclusive Access to our Virtual Freedom Business Bootcamp Series
  • Full Year Access to our Live Virtual Craft Stage
  • Full Year Access to our 24/7 chat group with all 4 coaches ready to provide solutions and support in between coaching



 We are with you every step of the way and will hold you accountable.

Full Year Access

LIVE 24/7 support and Q/A in our private Tribe

Natalia your life & business coach 

Joel your marketing & sales strategist

Jasmin your life & Banking Coach

Deval your branding & design Strategist

Weekly LIVE online coaching

Weekly LIVE online workshops

24/7 High-Achieving & Supportive Community

Find your voice as a brand, hone your offer and promote your business.

Full Year Access

LIVE feedback on your craft, marketing, business ideas, brand, promotional materials and anything you want to share about your freedom journey with the BYC Team

Mock auditions and pitch meetings to increase bookings and customer leads with instant feedback in real-time

Learn, share and get solutions from crafters who are building businesses in various niches and models from all walks of life 


Step-by-step videos to help you create and launch your freedom business or re-brand your established business!

Exclusive Access

90-day course series released in bi-weekly episodes filled with life-fulfilling and profit building strategies, easy-to-follow videos, done-for-you templates, marketing & finance beach bag, action-work and a freedom launch plan. FBB is proven to take you from Idea to launching your customized freedom business!

Welcome Home Crafter Celebration

  • Live orientation and introduction 
  • Meet the Tribe
  • Access to our exclusive C.D.B.2 Goal CAR to create a Million Dollar “YOU” 
  • Set your Freedom-Business launch goal


Mental Playground : Leveraging Your Circumstances

  • Awaken Your R.I.C.H. Mindset
  • Unfold your unique story 
  • Define your ideas and package your values
  • Sizzle Freedom Launch Date


Crafting Your CORE:  Building Your Customized Business Model

  • PIP-C Method Unlocked
  • Crafting your bank of authority 
  • Your Profitable Business Model & $20K launch plan
  • Creative Banking 101, leveraging credit & finance wellness check


Customer Cruise Lines: Define and Attract your Customers/Clients

  • Learn the customer storms 
  • Brand sizzle pitch
  • Sales Psychology & Increase your Social & Email Presence
  • Interview and create your DCP’s (dream customer profiles)


7 Figure Habits

  • Your Personal Freedom Journey: finance & wellness check-in
  • 5,6,7,8 what income will you create?
  • Define your brand island
  • Million Dollar Impact


Marketing from the Heart

  • Crafting your purposeful offer
  • Attracting PP’s (purposeful payers)
  • Cultivate F.EA.R.L.E.S.S and Sizzling Content
  • Elevate your online presence


Launch Your Business

  • Attract, Convert & Close sales consistently 
  • Cultivate your e-mail list & Social Followers
  • Launch & Revamp to Grow & Scale 
  • Master your custom business model and niche

Oh, You thought we were done?

BONUS Scenes


  • Grow your E-mail list by 250+ subscribers in 7 days
  • Lead Magnet to unlock and attract your dream customers
  • DIY Graphics & Socail Pro Cheat Sheet to grow your social network from scractch


  • Freedom-Business Launch Email Builder Plan
  • Organic Social Growth
  • Finance Tips, Creative Banking and Credit Leveraging
  • Instant Social Growth
  • Affiliates, Partnerships and Industry Connections
  • Agent, Managers and Casting Cheat Sheets


  • ADS and Lead Generation
  • Signature Branding Packaging 
  • Plugins and Systems to Leverage Organic Growth

Pay in Full Exclusive Bonuses:

LIVE Strategy Sessions

  • 2 Hour LIVE Sales/Marketing Strategy Session with Natalia & the BYC TEAM
    • We will review and customize your Heart Marketing & Pitch to help you increase your bookings, sales and clients.
    • We will provide custom branding and logo ideas for your Freedom-Business/Career to increase your conversion rates
    • Full financial and wellness accountability coaching to reduce debt, increase profit and create a business plan to reach your 90 day profit goals. 
  • Save $982 when you pay in full
  • Custom Social Media  & Email Instant Growth Guide
    • Full proven to work strategy customized with content and copy samples on how to create organic growth for your business to increase bookings and automate sales


Have Questions? We Got Answers!

Is this really for me?

We are not here to put you in a traditional or outdated “system” or tell you to quit your job, invest thousands of dollars in marketing, create a ton of content, use outdated sales marketing techniques, create a website, buy followers, etc.. etc.. etc. We are here to unlock the door and empower you to choose what will work best FOR YOU! You hold the keys, we’re just here to open the doors. Together we will craft a customized approach in transforming passions and ideas into sustainable businesses, careers and brands leading you to  become a freedom crafter and create your path on your terms

Why do I have to apply?

It’s true, there’s a chance you may not be invited to join our tribe. We created BYC to empower those who are committed to change. Our tribe is a place to try and “fail” and get back up again. We are looking for crafters who are ready to feel the fear and do it anyway. When you apply to join it gives us both an opportunity to make sure our tribe and proven to work methods are the right fit for your life and business goals. We are not about the “hype” or catering to the masses. Our crafters have called our tribe their “home away from home”  and we want to invite quality people who are not just ready to receive but share and be apart of a fully transformational family like experience.

What if I’m just getting started and have never had a client?

Oh this gets us excited! This is the perfect time to join our tribe because we will meet you where you are at in your journey. With BYC, you have a team of coaches (not just one) and a full support system with a methodology that works no matter where you are. As long as you’re committed to doing the work, we will be here to make sure you go from Point A  to Point B one step at a time.

What if this is “bad” timing or I’m not ready, will I be able to join later?

My $20,000.00 business mistake happened because I was waiting for the “right” time. The truth is the time will never truly feel right. Life has a way of keeping us on our toes. We do not get to control time, but we choose how we spend it. Sometimes even when it seems hard, you have to commit to making the time. We all go to our jobs or schools because it supports our livelihood. 

Your dreams are no less important, if not more than, what you’re  currently spending most of your time on now. I know it’s scary, but we have created a tribe and bootcamp that is not only flexible and convenient but founded on helping you use your resources to create maximum value with the least amount of stress.

What makes this training different?

We believe in marketing from the heart and creating purposeful offers. Yes, we used marketing and heart all in the same sentence. Why would you want to invest your time and money in a business or career that does not set your soul on fire? We also offer so much more than just another training course, coaching program,  master class or membership. Our tribe will become your home. Feel free to make it your playground to explore ideas, fall and get back up again. We are a team of coaches ready to provide you with proven strategies and resources to transform your ideas and create a profit. Everything we offer, Natalia and the BYC Team has tested and used time and time again to ensure we are giving you the most valuable methods to take you from ideas to launch with a family vibe.

Will Natalia really be on the Live Calls?

Yes! My commitment to you is my best and I am going to be live every coaching. In the extreme circumstance I am not available I will be replaced with another coach from our team. BUT as of now I have never missed a week (fingers crossed). You will have the chance to send in your questions in advance before our call and as long as it makes it in the que before the weekly cut off I will be answering your questions LIVE!

What if I can't make the coaching calls?

No worries! You can still submit your question and the replay of the call will be available in 24-48 hours for you to listen to at your own convenience. We even leave a time code for you to find quick access to our answer for your question(s). #lowstress

Do we really have access 24/7?

YES! We have created a 24/7 chat group where you can get solutions by video, text or voice note in less than 48 hours anytime (Monday-Saturday). We mean it when we say we are here for you and are ready to see you reach your goals. All four coaches are available to answer your questions 24/7.

What is the Freedom Business Bootcamp like?

It’s a high energy impactful series. Picture a neon bootcamp for the mind, body and soul. In 6 Seasons (modules) we will help you uncover and discover resources to build your path to freedom. There will be homework assignments, downloadable worksheets, pdfs  and accountability check-ins in our private FB group. The bootcamp is designed as a step-by-step process so that you can watch as many times as you like. 

How long is the Freedom Crafter Tribe?

Our Coaching program is 12 months, our Freedom Business Bootcamp is 90 days with 1 new season released bi-weekly. You will have access to our Tribe for a full year (12 months) and an exclusive life-time access option for graduates of the Freedom Business Bootcamp. After your year in our tribe you will receive an exclusive offer for to extend your membership with us.

High Value Low Stress On-Demand Training

What happens if I don't see results?

Your transformation is our TOP PRIORITY and we have put in place our live-calls, private Facebook group, bootcamp, coaching, craft stage and tribe to provide you with the utmost support to create the results you are seeking. If you join Freedom Crafter Tribe , follow our VBC (virtual bootcamp) training for 14 days, participate in the Q&A Calls, present on our Craft stage receive group feedback, implement and complete the action steps and don’t see results, we will provide extra coaching support to help you launch or issue you a 100% refund if we decide we cannot help you transform successfully.

Do I get any 1:1 time with the BYC Team?

Yes! We are big on community and have seen the results from having group coaching, but we also want to make sure we know all of our crafters well enough to hold you accountable. Before you dive into the bootcamp you will have a LIVE orientation with the team and then after you graduate from the bootcamp in 90 days your season finale ends with a one-one with the BYC team. We offer surprise one-on-ones for our crafters throughout the year. Our goals are your goals and we’re here to hold you accountable.  


“I started my first business in the fifth grade selling pens, pencils and erasers to my classmates. I noticed a problem and created a solution. That’s what being a Creative Entrepreneur is all about. Don’t overthink it. What problem would you like to solve?” – Natalia 

We built the door. You hold the key!  ClICK “OPEN” and…

  1. Enter your information, apply and we will review your application and invite you for a call!
  2. After our call we will decide if our Freedom Crafter Tribe is the right fit for your goals.
  3. If you are invited to enroll inside our tribe you will checkout, celebrate and jump inside our tribe to start launching your goals! 


Freedom Stories

Multi-Creative Entrepreneurs, Performers/Artists, Personal/Product Brands, Thought Leaders, Coaches, Educators, Consultants, Small Businesses, Authors, Professional Services