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As Freedom Empowerment Practitioners we specialize in empowering aspiring and emerging entrepreneurs like yourself to turn your passions, natural gifts and life experiences into a business. Together we will evaluate your ideas or current business model and help you launch or re-brand to create impact and attract the right customers that are perfect for you. Be Your Craft provides an empowering space to Create, Develop and Become your ultimate self through Creative Entrepreneurship, Community and Mentorship. Get ready to bridge the gap between your ideas and profit by launching your Freedom-Businesses

Freedom Crafter Tribe

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Natalia Elizabeth

CEO | Life & Business Coach | PhD Student | Veteran | Actress

As a successful freedom crafter she transformed her cubicle into a financial-independence-plotting workstation where she created a customized and sustainable side business while working a 9-5. Now she spends her days on a full-time basis empowering other dreamers to convert their passions into an impactful, purposeful and profitable freedom path.

While in the military, Natalia fell off of a 35-foot tower and it forever changed her perception on life of seeking permission to walk in her truth. After a long recovery and acceptance of permanent injuries she made a decision to remove her greatest obstacles of fear and excuses and replace them with truth and love. Natalia packed her bags with a new mindset, filed for divorce of her old lifestyle and started her path.

Since then, just a few years later, Natalia obtained two master’s degrees, the first in Organizational Leadership and the second in Communication Arts and recently became a PhD student in Expressive Arts Therapy.  Natalia has developed, discovered and produced talent and creative content for major productions and Fortune 500 companies.

As an award-winning creator and entrepreneur she has guided over 100 crafters (clients) in a myriad of industries to not only provide tremendous value in their work but to transform their passions into a deposit at the bank by optimizing their strengths and resources to create their own customized and sustainable systems.

Natalia saw a need to push beyond cultural boundaries and redefine society’s view of waiting to retire to experience freedom. Now her sole purpose is to wake up all creatives, entrepreneurs, dreamers, Junior CEO’s (youth) to create develop and become their ultimate self. There is enough room for all of us under the sun and it’s YOUR TIME TO GLOW! #hakunamata

Joel D.

SVP of Marketing & Branding
Your Sales & Marketing Mentor

Joel was born in Guyana and migrated to New York City in his early teens. Being a devoted film fan he used movies as a source of escape and inspirational guide during his transition into American culture, especially during the turbulent high school years. This interest later pointed him into working for ABC-TV station and the Disney Company. While at ABC, Joel discovered new skills utilizing digital and social media which led him to working in marketing and production for BYC Studios. Never forgetting the pristine green landscapes of his homeland, Joel is now using digital platforms as a means for problem solving to highlight critical issues, by applying his training in digital media and marketing to raise awareness about environmental issues facing our planet with his degree in environmental science. With a well-rounded background, Joel understands the structures needed to build a strong foundation for brands and products and reveals to our crafters which systems are needed to scale and leverage their ideas into viable business plans.

Deval M.

Director of Creative Services
Your Design Strategist

Born in India, from a very young age, Deval Mistry (Dev) was obsessed with arts and crafts, which lead to formal education in traditional and digital animation and visual effects. He started his creative career in 2012, as a visualizer in India. During this time he partnered with successful media agencies as a creative spearhead and a consultant. While creating media campaigns (digital and print), art installations, commercials and documentaries for clients national and international.  Seeking a bigger challenge and intense international experience, he decided to return to academics and pursued an MA in Communication Arts and Media Management at New York Institute of Technology, New York in 2016. Armed with modern mantras for social media savvy environments and a refined set of skills, in the past 3 years, Dev has produced visual dialogues for entrepreneurs, corporations, musicians, and artists. For consecutive years he has worked with the Lincoln Square – Winter’s Eve, Community Partnership Charter School (Brooklyn),  the Animation and Film Fest – NYIT and Be Your Craft INC. Along with several production and post-production projects, Dev has also embarked on directorial ventures. Bride Con, a 3-part American web-series; No De De, a narrative music video; and Cicatrix, a dramedy television pilot are some of the featured feathers in his director’s hat. Currently, Dev is producing new content that engages and connects with a larger audience through autobiographical documentaries.

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