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 You hold the key & we built the door!

Your Dreams Your Terms Your Voice

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Transforming your passions, expertise & life experiences into profitable and sustainable Freedom-Businesses

Hey Freedom Crafters! I’m Natalia Elizabeth

Life & Business Coach | Multi-Creative Entrepreneur | Actress | Ph.D. Student | Army Veteran

As a Freedom Empowerment Practitioner I specialize in empowering aspiring and emerging entrepreneurs like yourself to turn your passions, natural gifts and life experiences into a business. Together we will evaluate your ideas or current business model and help you launch or re-brand to create impact and attract the right customers that are perfect for you. Be Your Craft provides an empowering space to Create, Develop and Become your ultimate self through Creative Entrepreneurship, Community and Mentorship. Get ready to bridge the gap between your ideas and profit by launching your Freedom-Businesses.

What is natalia’s freedom crafter tribe?

 Freedom Crafter Tribe is a 12-month life and business coaching program with an exclusive interactive video-based Bootcamp that teaches easy to follow action steps, effective marketing without breaking the bank, financial wellness and impactful strategies to elevate your passions into profitable purpose by launching your freedom businesses in 90 days. What happens after 90 days? We’re with you all year long providing weekly support to take your launch even higher. 

Our intimate online tribe is filled with high-achieving aspiring and emerging entrepreneurs from all walks of life. At BYC we’re all about breaking the social norms so with us you’re never just a client, you’re a Crafter!  No Freedom Dreamers left behind. Whether you’re brand new to business or established and ready to re-brand and grow, Freedom Crafter Tribe will challenge you to take action and reach your ultimate self. Our tribe is here to elevate your life and business into waves of impact and purpose. 

Multi-Passionate Creatives

You have a lot of ideas and passions and are not sure how to package them.

Aspiring and Emerging Entrepreneurs

You are ready to have more freedom in your life, bring in additional income and create an impact in the world.

Brands and E-Commerce

You want to build a brand around your talents or create products to solve a problem for your future.

Small Businesses

You launched your business and are looking to level up, reach new levels and scale your business. 


New to the entertainment industry or been around and looking to increase opportunities, bookings, increase relationships with industry reps and craft your talent into a profitable and impactful brand.

9-5ers & Professionals

You do not have to quit your job to start. We will show you how to launch a profitable side-passion freedom business.

Professional Services

You want to provide a service to your community and we will show you the exact steps needed to package, price, launch and market your services.

Military Members & Families

Turn your unique experiences, stories and side-passions into your personal brand or business that aligns with your truth.

Tanya Pollard 

The BYC team guided me into exactly what I needed to do, this is so amazing because it got rid of the uncertainty and the hours and hours of research. They helped me launch my business successfully in 2 months and I was able to start making consistent profit. I already have customers waiting for my new products and soon I’ll be expanding. Be Your Craft took my years of planning and turned it into real action.”

– E-commerce Entrepreneur


Nathanael Paul

“Natalia and the BYC team have helped me identify my current value and focus in a game plan on how to accomplish my goals. Since working with the BYC Team I successfully launched my T.V. Pilot production “Cicatrix”.  They are truly a “dream” team and no matter what your goals are they will guide and empower you to succeed. “

– Executive Producer & Creative Entrepreneur


We established Be Your Craft to open new doors by helping you craft YOUR Path to Freedom on YOUR Terms so you can make an Impact, convert your Passions into Financial Independence, turn your ideas into a business with location independence and freedom to do the things you love. As a collective, the BYC team has worked with individuals and major corporations including creative entrepreneurs, Disney, Netflix, HBO, small businesses and multi-passionate leaders around the globe. Apply to join our Freedom Crafter Tribe and take the first step to building your dreams on your terms and launching your Freedom-Business.

We’re not here to just teach you a “one size fits all model.”  We will show you the most profitable systems and EMPOWER you to craft a custom CORE system to Create Your Freedom-Brand on YOUR TERMS.

We built the door. You hold the keys. 

Inside our Freedom Crafter Tribe you will…

  • Transform your passions, expertise and life experiences into a profitable and sustainable Freedom-Business
  • Receive full year access to our private support group  and  24/7 chat to connect, share and get solutions in real-time
  • Exclusive access to our virtual Freedom Business Bootcamp Series: an action-packed on-demand video series released bi-weekly with easy-to-follow videos, done-for-you templates, and action-work to take you from Idea to Launch in 90 days
  • Receive weekly online coaching with Natalia & the BYC team to answer your questions live and give you custom answers to reach your goals 
  • Attend online workshops with Natalia and your team of coaches to work through your finances, personal /business goals, marketing/sales, and branding
  • Want Us One on One? Get everything above PLUS
    • Personal and Professional Mentorship Development from Natalia and the BYC Team
    • Exclusive Branding and Marketing Strategies to not just launch but to automate, delegate and scale your freedom business or career

The Freedom Crafter’s Journey

We will meet you where you are and take you HIGHER!

Passion Freedom Crafter Tribe

Create your “why”, rediscover and organize your passions/ideas


 Impact  Freedom Business Bootcamp Idea to Launch in 90 Days!

Package your passions, natural gifts and life experiences to define your messaging, attract the RIGHT audience and claim your market


Profit  Live Virtual Craft Stage

Convert your unique story into your worth. Use our virtual stage to elevate your craft,  marketing and sizzling sales pitch. Create your custom freedom brand and receive LIVE feedback from the BYC Team & Tribe


 Community LIVE Weekly Coaching

Chat with us weekly on our LIVE calls to ask questions, connect with other tribers and gain solutions for building your own profitable community

Walk Your Path to Freedom



You Don’t Need More Time in Your Day. You Just Need to Decide.


 Just like you we were scared to take the first step in turning our work ethic into our worth. We were terrified to make the transition from dreamers to doers. We went one step at a time and were able to create impact, develop a high-achieving community and scale our business in a little over a year on our terms.

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