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Career Consultations

An intimate advisement where the entire session is focused solely on you. We ask the hard questions in order to get the honest answers of where you are in your career . We assess your goals , set up general meetings( if needed) with agents, casting directors and create a plan of action for your career customized to your career goals.


Workout those acting muscles with BYC Improv, Scene Study, Audition Prep, Movement & Monologues that count are all offered with BYC. You cannot become lazy with your craft..EVER! The acting muscles need to be trained, formed and maintained. BYC offers a brave, safe and affordable environment for you to do just that. *Workshops and ongoing classes coming soon

Audition Taping

*Deep Breath* We Get it. Oh we know auditions are rarely convenient. However, we found a way to keep it fresh, fun & affordable! Whether you prefer silence , music jam out session or snacks 🙂 We are prepared to create a space for you to deliver your best performance! *Availability varies but our goal is to provide around the clock service-we are with you.

Private Coaching

One on one coaching gives you the opportunity to work on your craft in a completely private space. We learn so much from watching others. However, one on one’s are also helpful when you are working on a specific project or an area within your instrument that deserves and requires private freedom of exploration.


If you are in the New Jersey or NYC area come into our studio located in Fort Lee, NJ. For all other areas and requests we offer full services online via Skype/Google chat.

Are You Ready for your next Audition?

  • Do you know what casting directors look for?
  • What is your audition approach?
  • Are you looking for the hidden secrets in your sides?
  • Are your marketing materials up to date?
  • Are you consistently developing your craft?
  • Are you making honest industry connections?

Increase auditions, develop your craft, understand the business, make honest connections all in one place #BYC ACTING STUDIOS

Join us as we work, play, explore, & grow in our careers!
Classes are open to ALL LEVELS, and are tailored to each student’s needs during their individual work sessions in each class OR private sessions.


Agent & Manager Signings

BYC is building connections and helping talent find meaningful representation


Auditions & Callbacks

We’ve Created a Hurricane of Opportunities for our Crafters



Crafters are earning SAG Eligibility-Performing on stage and filming on major networks

BYC offers a Safe and Intimate Environment for Creative Accountability In the Business of Entertainment.

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