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About BYC

About Us

Be Your Craft is a hurricane with actors ready to take the industry by storm. Our Founder- Natalia Elizabeth is here as an actress herself, ready to create honest connections and provide resources intertwined with industry experiences from in front the camera and in the casting office.

Meet Natalia Elizabeth

I am With You

Hi there! It is a pleasure to web-meet you 🙂
First, let me say I do NOT have all the answers. However, I am quite resourceful and have placed myself in the working rooms of talent agents, casting offices for major networks and production development. I am a “sponge” and soaked in A LOT of information that I am excited to share with you!

Some see me as the best-friend/mentor they always wanted and other times I am compared to the personal trainer you need but always avoided. Either way my main focus is your ability to become your craft in an industry where your talent must meet determination in order for you to succeed.
-The Main Crafter

Now, About You!

What wakes you up in the morning? Okay.. your alarm but What gets you out of bed?

What motivates, inspires and challenges you all at the same time? Your craft is just that- the one thing that you continuously nurture and develop without hesitation.

I know how discouraging the word “no” can be (trust me I’ve had my fair share of no’s

and still counting) but what’s worse is waking up every day ignoring…

The “thing” that makes you …well you

Your Craft

Create Develop Become

BYC offers a Safe and Intimate Environment for Creative Accountability In the Business of Entertainment.

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