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Casting Notice: Theatre Project- LA LOCALS ONLY

Casting Notice: Theatre Project- LA LOCALS ONLY

Subject: Role you are applying for &  your current location
Attach: Headshot & Resume
Deadline : 3/18/2018

*Please follow instructions explicitly or your submission will not be considered.
If selected to audition you will be asked to submit a self-tape.

 Show DatesJune 5th to June 20th 
Closing Ceremony: June 25th
Fringe Venue: The Complex Theatre
Rehearsal Dates: 5/18/2018-6/4/2018
PAID: Rates vary per Role (low budget)
*BYC is not the owner of this project please contact the email above with all questions


Description: Army nurse on the camp.
Playing age: Mid to Late 20’s. Ethnicity: African-American
Description: Army nurse on the camp
Playing age: Mid to Late 20’s (early 30’s also accepted). Ethnicity: African American

“Acting is not about being someone different. It’s finding the similarity in what is apparently different, then finding myself in there.”
― Meryl Streep

As always stay motivated & creative,


Natalia Elizabeth

President & Founder

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