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The Casting Process: Show Up

The Casting Process: Show Up

Hi Crafters!

I recently finished shooting a pilot and I am currently on hold for another network project…exciting right? Yes, but the process is always more important than the results. In my consultations with actors, I am often asked “how did you book that”? My best response has and always will be “I showed up”.┬áThere are so many actors waiting for an opportunity to audition and many of us talk ourselves out of going or searching for work because we say “oh whats the point”. THE POINT IS YOU HAVE A CHANCE TO SHOW UP!

A submission is an opportunity to receive an invitation to share your craft. An audition is an invitation to show your skills.

Yes, there are other details :

  1. Constantly self-submitting
  2. Hurricane Agent (Champion) understands your type and is submitting you for the right roles
  3. Your marketing materials are up to date
  4. You are constantly working on your craft


Although the list above are essentials, the other part of the battle beyond submitting and training is showing up prepared to work and creating an impacting & professional experience.

Casting Directors are looking at you to solve their problems. Walk in knowing that they want you to be their solution. Give them your best interpretation of the character and walk away knowing you shared your craft and start working on your next opportunity.

I know it get’s hard and we all have our moments but you have to fight pass the doubt and push through because there is always another actor ready and willing to show up at 100%.

If you are not willing to say yes to yourself why should anyone else?

Stay Motivated & Creative

Love & Joy

Your Main Crafter

-Natalia Elizabeth


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  • Jasmin Paul
    Posted at 23:50h, 21 June Reply

    This is so true if I don’t show up I may as well Give Up 100% keeping it real….

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